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Amazon partnernet closed

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Beitrag amazonuser » 04.10.2017, 13:13 Amazon partnernet closed

hi, my amazon partnerner closed because someone put my links to another site, because i just put deals on my social media and blogger. i told it to amazon, but they didnt even listen me . and answered same mail all time. i wanted my money with gift card.
i recently had a new mail. it say something about my earning in july. but not any gift card :( what should i do. here i put my account and mail screen shots.
- 2. question. in my account, they wrote july commission paid by gift card. do you think amazon showed it paid but not pay in real, and they can tax reduction? sorry but my German not good enough to write in German.

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Beitrag Rem » 05.10.2017, 18:35 Amazon partnernet closed

Have you added your fanpage URLs to the list of your websites?

For example: Spamming of groups etc will not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, if people are thrown out of the Amazon program, they receive nothing anymore. So in the worst case, if you have accrued some capital, everything is lost.

Well, I hope that you still have some working partnerships with, etc, so you can focus on them. Anyway, I recommend that you read the information in the partnernet dealing with social media marketing.

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