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(B) Instagram followers and Engagement Service

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Beitrag trickyguy » 09.03.2021, 16:42 (B) Instagram followers and Engagement Service

We provide 200-5k Instagram real-looking followers, they will follow you and like/comment/view post/story daily on their feed, like how most Instagram engagement comes!
Our accounts are high quality with a good follow rate, they act normal and look good!

All of our accounts based in Europe and login/post from Europe. Our system/program will run 24h/day, patrol their feed page if you got posts, they will engage. You will get engagements immediately after you post, till 6-10 hours.

How this works:
1. Send me your Instagram name
2. My accounts will follow you, it will take up to 2 days.
3. After 2 days, you can post anything our profiles will start to comment, like, view on your posts.

Here's our Pricing:
240 follower will follow you/3 post a day - € 70/month
500 follower - 3 post a day --- € 120/month
1000 follower - 3 post a day --- € 160/month
2000 follower - 3 post a day --- € 270/month
3000 follower - 3 post max per day --- € 320 Euro/month

Price Includes:
All of the accounts will like your posts/reels(IGTV not included), max 3 posts per day.
1-3% accounts will comment on your post/reels(IGTV not included), max 3 posts per day
1-3% accounts will save your post, max 3 posts per day
20% accounts will watch your stories, 3 stories max per day.

IF you have any questions feel free to PN me or email me.



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